Choosing NOT to blog like an expert

Hello world! I’ve missed you.

For anyone not looking at publication dates, it’s been most of a year since I last posted. I took a “quick break” when I could feel myself getting burnt out on blogging last summer, then extended that break for another 10 months or so.

This wasn’t an accident.

The self-check-in win

When I started this blog I spent a great deal of time reading posts by successful bloggers about how to be a successful blogger and emulating as much as I could without going insane. Then I started going insane.

It’s possible I get a little obsessive about things.

Professional blogging, however, isn’t my life’s passion. I thought I wanted to run this blog as a side hustle. I figured I could share and teach and maybe bring in some affiliate marketing income along the way!

I still may do that someday, but not today.

During that 10 months I thought about taking the site down many times, especially when the renewal bills were coming due. But ending Big Small Choices made me sad.

I realized that if any part of this blog is an actual passion for me, it’s discussing, clarifying, and sharing the ideas that have led to profound change in my life. These generally revolve around how I use money, space and time, and how I engage my mind and body.

Everything else needs to be set aside for now.

What I’ll be publishing in 2019

So, gone are the affiliate links and all the pressure that came with them. Pressure to publish ideal posts at least once a week. Pressure to understand the legal and tax implications of making money on a website. Pressure to plaster social media with links and ads.

For now, I’ll build on the things I love and leave success to the pros.

I imagine what I’ll be writing for the foreseeable future will be short, personal thoughts on the ideas that shape my day-to-day. Updates on my goals. Musings on the how and why of my journey. Exciting resources I come across along the way.

In short, I want to distill my thoughts on the why and how of how we live. I’ve been blown away by the change in myself and my circumstances that came simply through making a few intentional choices.

Maybe someday I’ll find a way to actively coach individuals and help them distill down their lives to the parts that matter. Until then, I’ll be here, working out the details.

Your job

As I toss out my thoughts and ideas, help me understand where they land. Is a particular concept or tool helpful to you? Has it proved valuable in your life as well? You’ve tried these tools and they didn’t work?

Let me know!

I’ll start talking through the choices we make (and don’t make) soon. I hope you’ll find some valuable nuggets along the way.


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