Hi! I’m Meg.

I’m in my early 30’s, living in Philadelphia, with a “day job” working in health care. When I’m not soaking up the latest blogs & podcasts you’ll find me reading books, drawing, painting, hiking, cooking and gardening on my windowsills.

Back in 2016 I read a book about cleaning up my apartment and it changed my life. You can hear all about it here. Because of that process I learned to decide how to live instead of being swept along by the tide. Those decisions involved transforming my space, my finances and my health.

Of course, life is made of more than budgets, kale and a clean house. For me, my life is made good and whole by family and friends. By my faith. By art, literature and nature. These things are the core components of my life. They make me deeply happy.

What I’m excited to share is how these small, intentional practices I’ve implemented have brought me closer to the truly important things in life.

I can’t shut up about how important these choices have been, so instead of talking my friend’s ears off I’ve decided to share with the world. I hope these stories from my life can inspire others.

Let’s support each other as we choose the lives we live.