Hi! I’m Meg. Welcome to Big Small Choices.

Around here you’ll see posts on topics like frugality, finances, mindfulness, simplicity, de-cluttering, and healthy living. Basically, living a life where decisions are made consciously and not by default.

Back in 2016 I read a book about cleaning up my apartment and it changed everything. Sure, my tidying was impressive. More importantly? The process taught me to decide how to live instead of being swept along by the tide.

I transformed my finances, paid off my credit card debt, lost 20 lbs and fundamentally shifted how I think about my life, habits and happiness.

My story started with one small step.

Here’s how I de-cluttered my space, turned around my cash flow, and learned how NOT to budget.

These are the stories of small choices with a big impact. And I know I’m not alone! So many of you have made your own small choices. So let’s share stories!

What choices have you made lately?

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